Hi There

October 3, 2011

I setup this blog originally to write about ideas, thoughts and basically just anything. Eventually I just got too busy/unmotivated to write and forgot all about it. However I think the year 2011 was great to me and I’ve sort of reorganized my life would thought that this would be the best place to organize my thoughts.

I am a foodie. I love to eat, cook and test out new recipes/restaurants. I’m a recent fan of the local food movement, street food, and a more sustainable way of urban living. My twitter account is almost entirely used to follow the food scene here in Edmonton and now I have no idea what I’d do without it. I’ve also recently started to cycle again and would say that I am passionate about it. I love getting out and riding with friends, alone, for transportation or for recreation. Edmonton is such a wonderful city to grow up and live in, but I find that we never appreciate it while we’re living here. I’m focused on changing that for both myself and my friends.

Finally this blog will be used to track my progress in weight loss and health. I graduated University in ’09 at close to 300 lbs. I lost some weight in ’10 but I’m happy to say that since I made the decision to “do something about it” at the beginning of August ’11, I’m now at 240 lb and dropping steadily. I intend to use this blog to track my progress and blog about my success & failures. I find that writing / talking about things helps me think, plan and make decisions.

Thanks for reading. I’d love comments/feedback on anything I write about so please feel free to contribute (once I figure out how to get that working!)


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