About Bryan

I’ve always been fascinated about food. The colours, texture, smells and tastes, but most of all – how food affects the soul. I spent 7 short years at the University of Alberta trying to discover what I love and end up finding out that it had been the same thing I thought it was when I started. Now working in the world of professional Accounting (in a job I absolutely love) I spend my time exploring and enjoying the food in Edmonton and beyond. I find that my favorite memories are those shared around food and the people I share it with. I’m not a complicated eater nor am I picky – in fact I love instant noodles, fried eggs and spam.

I have an healthy addiction to cycling, a HUGE interest in technology & how it shapes the way we live, the local food movement and a thirst for travel. My dream vacation consist of going to warm places, eating local/street food and listening to awesome live music with the people I love because that’s all I need in life, sun, fun, food and the people around me.


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