So today was going to be a big day. Apple had sent out invites for October 4, 2011 @ 10 am PST to talk about a new phone. The internet and tech geeks went crazy with the rumor mill and speculations. I even marked the date on my calendar. What was rumored would be the iPhone 5 – many said it would be thinner, edge to edge screen and essentially imaginations went wild.

And then Tim Cook “cook-blocked” us. While The iPhone 4s is no jokeĀ  with the A5 Processor, Upgraded 8MP camera, Dual Antennae and the voice activated assistant “Siri” – it’s not what the public was expecting and the market thought so too with APPL stock dipping a bit.

Another notable up improvement was the iPod nano that now has build in sensors apparently, so you can exercise with it out of the box. I just love how Apple’s core business is to take what other people are doing, refine it and market it to the public as the new greatest thing. No matter what people say, it’s working. The general public love Apple, it’s products and I personally think the company ran superbly well under Jobs, but we’ll have to see how Tim Cook works out.

On a personal note, I started cycling at the gym at lunch and love it. I feel energized afterwards and ready to take on the afternoon. If you can, I highly suggest it. A quick brown bag lunch at 11:30 then a quick intense 30 minute work out at 1:30, shower and back to work. Really frees up time after work to do things!

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